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this many nights have passed and still I'm waiting for that great… - ...<Like a thought brushing up against a sigh > ... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 13th, 2015|07:24 am]
this many nights have passed and still
I'm waiting for that great love
that makes all my shitty poetry worthwhile
that justifies the romantic, the fool

this many nights have passed and still
I welcome the morning
with my cigarette butts
empty bottles, panda eyes and this,
idea of a time where you lie beside me and say
has the morning come?
did the night treat you well?

of a body that is softer than any bed I could ever fall into

find me at 6am
7 glasses in
take the bottle and pour one for yourself
drape an arm around me and ask
shall we sleep now or carry the night on into dawn

better still
let me wake to you
beside me in a place that even I can't reach you
let me kiss the back of your neck
and hear "ah, it's you, you came'

spend nights explaining yourself to me
song after song
poem after poem
say 'Ah, but this one, just listen, listen"

and I will

I'll listen as though I were meeting words for the first time

and every time you turn your head to look at me I will know
that the stillness in your eyes will carry me through all the nights to come